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Moving Away

Moving posting back to which is currently hosted at Wordpress, but whatever. Everyone has RSS feeds, and Facebook and what not, so, just making it official.
Basic Instructions


I've been running in a million directions. Here are some of them.

  • Ramping up on various school things.
  • Research directions are starting to solidify.
  • Probably publishing a tiny tiny article on the bioinformatics tool I have been working on all summer.
  • Applying for an NSF Fellowship. They are competitive and prestigious, but it doesn't hurt to try.
  • Finally hired a gardener. They will do outdoorsy things that need doing.
  • Still haven't hired a cleaning lady. Our house is starting to get unbearably dusty.
  • Kitties are great. They are getting close to a year old now. (!)
  • Still working full time. The drive is difficult.
  • K has started working on his PhD, though not officially. He seems to like it so far.
  • I bought a violin. I desperately need a tuner thingy. I still sound pretty terrible. Considering lessons, but who has the time?

I was just reading through some of the older entries and realized that I've left you all dangling on a number of important issues.

  • We moved! Not to the Hatch house, which turned out to be a huge clusterfuck, but to a different house in Okemos. There are photos on one or the other of our Flickrs. Definitely the right move, and very happy here.
  • Burning man was fun! My Flickr also has photos. I still have a ton of film on my Lomo that I need to develop. I also went to the Michigan Decomp and volunteered to be Greeter lead. Lots of fun, and definitely looking forward to Lakes of Fire in the Spring.
  • The Griddler grill I bought a few months ago is still going like a champ. Love it! Recommend it to anyone!
Basic Instructions

Vay, how you say, cay.

Leaving for Burning Man tonight. Last night was frantic packing, but I was able to fit just about everything in my Aeronaut. I hope they let me on the plane with the bag, my sleeping bag, my purse, and my playa coat, which I will proudly wear, even though it is a bit... conspicuous.

I arrive in SEA at 11:40pm, then I get to run run run to the shuttle to the new light rail line, heroically catching the last train north. If all goes well, I get to avoid a $50 cab ride. Crashing at Snack Palace for the night, and then up at seven to catch a ride down to the playa with the folks from "Free Movement Zone". Woo!

Things to do yet:

  • Print out EVERYTHING, including boarding pass, public transportation schedules, early arrival pass, what/where/when, etc.
  • Suffer through the last work day before vacation.
  • Basic Instructions


  • As you can see, I ordered one of those nifty Basic Instructions custom avatars. It's me! I can now say offensive things in bubbletext!

  • Inching closer to house buying. The house we are getting is a short-sale, which is good because we get a good deal, and bad because it takes a long time to get approval for the sale from the seller's lender. Fortunately, we just got word that the bank has assigned a negotiator, and they are sending an appraiser to the house. Our realtor tells us that this means we are likely within 30 days of close, which is all kinds of win. K has been wanting to get into the house for a while now, so as to avoid beginning of year rush/moving issues.

  • Last week at work was incredibly (65 hours) busy. This is a LOT for me. But, we are on track to meet our deadlines, and this week hasn't been as bad. The software is now feature complete, and I actually have most of this weekend to myself.

  • On the school front, I've started working with my advisors on projects. At Devolab, I'm initially working on replicating the results of one of the senior Ph.D. students. This is mostly for getting up to speed on the software they use, and becoming familiar with their research and methodologies. The other project is producing a fast DNA sequence storage and retrieval system for bioinformatics applications. The output of this project should actually be really useful, but it's also a pretty gentle introduction to the field.

  • This weekend is Cottage Weekend, so I'll be working a little bit while I'm up there, and then in a couple of weeks, it'll be Westward Ho. In order to facilitate the traveling, I bought this in black. It's wonderful.

  • I also got my new bike, which is great, though I haven't yet made a ton of plans for weekend trips.